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Backyard Acres is now leasing Flying Tractor Farm. The Farm Stand Store is still OPEN DAILY with Fresh Eggs, Meat, and Produce grown here on the farm by Backyard Acres. Visit Backyard Acres on their site @

Farm Raised. Farm Good.

Our Animals

Try our sustainably raised meats, such as Heritage Breed pigs,  Jumbo Broilers and Broad Breasted Turkey.

Our Farm Stand

You’re welcome to stop by the farm, take a tour, meet our farm animals and pick-up some fresh produce and meats from our self-serve farm stand.

Our Veggies

Backyard Acres at Flying Tractor Farm sell’s wholesome, farm fresh produce on-site and also makes weekly deliveries.

Backyard Acres is Now Leasing  Flying Tractor Farm in Door County using NO Soy No Corn 

Backyard Acres  is now leasing Flying Tractor Farm, using NO Soy, No Corn, certified organic feeds and inputs for pasture-raised pigs, stewing chickens, broiler chickens, lamb, turkey and eggs. They look forward to adding goat and other animals in the seasons to come as well as a large market variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and value added store items. There are two heated greenhouses along with a heated hydroponics room for raising year-round produce and hydroponic fodder for the animals. The wholesome, farm fresh food is sold on-site AND coming soon deliveries throughout Door County and into Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Chicagoland. Bring home the best-tasting, healthiest food you’ve ever eaten!

Backyard Acres at FTF’s Farm Philosophy

Backyard Acres at FTF raises animals, vegetables and eggs – meeting or exceeding organic standards. We believe that providing healthy, local, fresh food by utilizing methods of sustainable production is essential to long-term well-being of the human body and the environment. We’ve found that once people rediscover how fabulous food tastes that a) is super-fresh because it’s not shipped in from across the country, and b) is a heritage breed of animal or type of vegetable, they never want to go back to the bland store-bought food they’d eaten before.

Environmental Stewardship

The FTF farm has quite a bit of wetland, so they’ve been careful to set aside riparian areas to protect Lily Bay Creek that runs through the property, and not allow animals onto any wetland area unless it’s completely dry. They have created brush piles for birds and animals to house in, put up many bluebird and bat houses, and maintained wooded areas scattered about the farm to preserve wild habitat. Backyard Acres’ uses managed grazing rotations to maintain pastures, wooded areas and wetlands naturally. There is encouraged and dedicated wild pollinator habitat. An 18kW solar photovoltaic system mounted on the barn roof generates electricity to help power the farm operation, reducing the amount of fossil fuel needed.